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When an event happens that changes the course of history or leaves a bright trace in people’s memory, many of those who were not among the eyewitnesses want to know how it was. And that’s when the movie comes to the rescue. The script written in real life, the director’s careful attitude to the story he tells and, of course, a little fantasy – this is the recipe for a good film based on real events. Watching such films is always madly interesting, because everything or almost everything that is shown on the screen was in reality. And that’s why we created a sub-genre with films based on real events. It doesn’t matter if it’s a large-scale historical battle or a personal drama of one person – both are worth watching. Our website offers a selection of films based on real events. These are a rare action movie “Hurricane”, which tells about the fate of the famous boxer, and screen version of the military novel by Valentin Pikul “Convoy PQ-17”, and the comedy drama “We bought a zoo” about the adventures of an unusual family, and many other exciting and, importantly, true movies.
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